Project Links
EU Languages Resources
  • ELRA European Linguistic Resources Association
  • LDC Linguistic Data Consortium
  • EU Commissions HLT (Human Language Technologies)
  • BAS Bavarian Archive for Speech Signals
  • ECESS European Center of Excellence on Speech Synthesis
Related Projects
  • The SpeechDat family, consisting of
    • SpeechDat(M)
    • SpeechDat(II)
    • SpeechDat across Latin America
    • SpeechDat(Car)
    • SpeechDat-East
  • Orientel Multilingual Access to Interactive Communication Services for the Mediterranean and the Middle East
  • SpeeCon Speech-driven Interfaces for Consumer Devices
  • LC_STAR Lexica and Corpora for Speech-to-Speech Translation Components
  • NESPOLE! Negotiating through Spoken Languages in e-commerce
  • FAME Facilitating Agents in Multicultural Exchange
  • C - STAR II Consortium for Speech Translation Advanced Research
  • CORETEX Improving Core Speech Recognition Technology
  • VERBMOBIL Speech-to-Speech Translation
  • ELSNET European Network of Excellence in Human Language Technologies
  • EAGLES Expert Advisory Group on Language Engineering and Speech
  • COCOSDA Coordinating Commitee on Speech Database Assessment
  • SAMPA computer readable phonetic alphabet
  • IPA The International Phonetic Association