N-II: a statistical machine translator between Spanish and Catalan:
UPC, TCstar project, October 2005
This machine translation system is based on an N-gram translation model integrated in an optimized log-lineal combination of additional features. The demo provides translation between the following pairs of languages:
Traducción del español (castellano) al catalán
- Traducció del català al castellà

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Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) and Machine Translation (MT) demo
ITC-irst, TCstar project, April 2007

This off-line demo consists in a video showing about 30 minutes of an European Parliament Plenary Session (EPPS), English audio channel, recorded September 7th, 2005. This audio stream is part of the eval06es set, and has been automatically divided into segments. Only the segments that are part of the eval set have been processed, in other segments a message indicating the next transcribed segment is present. ASR and MT have been fully developed at ITC-irst, version January 2007. The MT process splits each sentence into chunks, and translation is done chunk by chunk.

Aligned with the video there are two windows, showing respectively:

a) English ASR output, sentence by sentence.

b) Spanish MT output, sentence by sentence.

In both windows, the active chunk (synchronized with English audio) is highlighted in yellow. In the English window active chunks are strictly sequential, while in the Spanish one they are not.

The demo is built on RealPlayer software. Click on demo.smil (Windows) or type "realplay demo.smil" (linux) to make the demo start.

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TC-STAR Final Event Demos (by IBM)

TC-STAR UIMA Showcase -- web console online processing

TC-STAR UIMA showcase- Video console, online processing

IBM expressive TTS

RWTH demos:

- Demonstration as a flash video (ZIPPED TAR archive, 48MB) Can be played directly within a browser window; a player and selection of the speakers via bookmarks is also integrated. Just unpack and point the browser to the tcstar_epps_demo.html file
- Demonstration as an MPEG4 encoded .avi file (AVI file, 72MB)