TC-STAR OpenLab on Speech Translation
Trento, Italy 30th March - 1st April 2006

Shared Tasks

Shared tasks, by providing a common experimental framework to all participants, aim to improve communication and understanding of experimental results.

The proposed scenario is the translation of speeches of European Parliament Plenary Sessions (EPPS) from Spanish to English.

The following three shared tasks are proposed:

T1. Machine Translation (MT) core technology

Possible topics:
- Word/phrase based models
- Morpho-syntax based models
- Improved training methods
- Search algorithms
- Pre/post processing for MT

T2. Integration of ASR and MT

Possible topics:
- Translation from 1-best/N-best/word-graphs
- Translation from single/multiple ASR systems
- Restoration of punctuation information
- Processing of disfluences

T3. Post-processing of ASR and SLT system outputs

Possible topics:
- System combination
- Re-scoring methods
- Error analysis

A more detailed description of the shared tasks, the test, development and training corpora, and a number of other resources are available: Click Here.

How To Participate

  1. Declare your interest to the OpenLab2006 shared tasks by sending an email to
  2. Download, fill in, sign and send the End User Agreement (.doc) (.pdf) by mail.
  3. After the signed form will be received, you will have access to the data and tools.
  4. You must release the data after the end of OpenLab2006, as specified in the agreement.