TC-STAR OpenLab on Speech Translation
Trento, Italy 30th March - 1st April 2006

Call for Participation

OpenLab 2006 is a training initiative of the European Integrated Project TC-STAR, Technologies and Corpora for Speech-to-speech Translation Research.

OpenLab 2006 aims to expand the TC-STAR research community in the areas of Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) and Spoken Language Translation (SLT).

Students and young researchers in these areas are invited to contribute on shared TC-STAR project tasks.

The translation of European Parliament speeches from Spanish to English is the application domain of interest. Contributions on the following and other closely related topics will be welcome:

  • Integration of ASR and SLT
  • Statistical Models for SLT
  • System combination in ASR and SLT
  • Morphology and Syntax in SLT
  • Error analysis in SLT

Several months before the meeting in Trento, language resources and tools will be made available to interested participants. Word graphs and n-best lists generated by different ASR and SLT systems will be provided, as well as training and testing collections to develop and evaluate a SLT system.

Participants will present and discuss their results in Trento, and will have the opportunity to attend tutorial speeches held by experts.

Participation in OpenLab 2006 is free. In addition, for a limited number of applications, lodging expenses will be covered by the organization.

Program Chairs:
Marcello Federico, ITC-irst, Trento
Ralf Schlüter, RWTH, Aachen


Download the call for participation here (.pdf)